An Ode to Salt

Jan 02, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Hi Everyone (who still checks out this blog on occasion),

Thought I’d share a little poem I wrote a couple of weeks back about salt (since we were in Matthew 5, you know, “salt and light”… here goes:

An Ode to Salt

A thousand magic crystals

Glistening on my chips

So wondrous and so savory

As they pass through hungry lips

So white, so pure, so salty

I love the taste you bring

Though doctors may not love you

I wouldn’t change a thing.

For salt provides my flavor

Salt brings my meals such fun

A cob of corn, best salted

Or French fries on the run.

We need you in our oatmeal,

Must have you on our steak,

Can’t miss you on the broccoli

Or salt-less hearts would break.

We’re told we must be careful

Don’t pour you out too much.

Lest arteries get too cloggy

The shaker best not touch.

But salt, you are so lovely

Sodium you are our friend

That’s what surgery’s there for,

Arteries we can mend.

I love a salted pretzel

A tater or a tot

A delicious corned beef sandwich

Delights my soul- a lot.

And I even like that Jesus

Compared us with this stuff

I’d like to say I’m trying

Though I haven’t done that much.

For salt is more than flavor

It brings life to decay

We stop the evil spreading

We keep the dark at bay.

So next time you have a French fry

Next time you salt your meat

Remember salt does more

Than melt ice upon the street.

It keeps the world in motion

Salt is our cry, our call

So get out of the shaker

And live salty hope for all.

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