Super Bowl Blues

Feb 02, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

I know, I know.

It’s just a game.

In the scope of things, there are far more important things in the world.

I wasn’t actually participating in this game (nor were you).

They weren’t even supposed to be there, let alone make it that close.

Life goes on.

I get it, and I get that there are lots of reasons to keep the Cardinals loss to the Steelers in perspective.  I don’t plan to stay in bed and cry away my Monday (so far, anyway).

But why do we get so emotionally invested in a game that we’re not playing, that we can’t influence the outcome of- even though it feels at times like we can will our team to win by wanting it badly enough?

Here’s why:  Because of something deep within us that tells us that our side will win in the end.  Our side (the good guys- no matter your team or cause) will fight, claw, and struggle, but in the end, despite all odds and against hope- WE WIN!  This sense of how things should be is hard-wired into us by our Creator, and most of us feel it at a bone-deep level.  It’s what makes the improbable victories so sweet and the losses so tough and bitter.  Not simply competitiveness, but rather an innate intuition of how the world should be.

And the good news- the best news– our sense of things will prove to be true in the end.  The Good Guys do win in the end, and, as N.T. Wright says, the world will be “set to rights”.  Because Jesus has already triumphed over sin, death, evil, and hell itself, our ultimate victory is assured.  We picked the right team to not just root for, but to be part of.  Good news!  So fight on, play on, don’t give in or give up- we’re on the winning team in the battle that truly matters.  Keep battling for the wrongs to be righted and for the world to be more the way it should be.  Paul himself said, “I have fought the good fight”, and I plan to keep fighting too, down to my last breath.

But for today, just today, I’m going to let myself be a little bummed about the Cardinals.  They should have won.

Richard’s Ramblings

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