Purity Wisdom- from you and for you

Mar 24, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

I asked, you responded, and here’s what you said…

In case you don’t know what I mean, on Sunday night (22nd of March) the topic the pursuit of sexual purity.  For part of the evening, people shared their thoughts in groups and then put some ideas down on notecards.  Here’s a synopsis of the cards I received:

Focus on meeting the needs of the other person (instead of just your own)

Focus on what you should be doing, not what you shouldn’t be doing.

Ask yourself, “Is this behavior driving me to or away from God?” and “What is the core void/desire that I am trying to fill with sex?”

Think/Pray before you act.  Look to God’s Word (Bible) to help know God’s will for you.

Practice accountability with people who share the same values

Pre-decide (Don’t wait for the moment to make a decision!)

Communicate openly with God.

Study, meditate on Scripture about purity.

Everything starts with a thought- if you don’t want your body to “go there”, then don’t let your mind “go there”.

Discuss boundaries ahead of time.

Accountability (several of these were written down, most listed advice!)

Make a list of the 100 consequences of an affair- how would your life change? What would be the impact on you and others?

Admit the struggle-don’t pretend or live in denial.

Manage your spiritual life, not manage the sin.  Focus on Christ and He will show you how to serve Him.

Throw out the TV and the computer

Have an escape plan! (for sexual temptation)

(When facing temptation) Re-direct your energies to something else- take a hike, play sports, enjoy God’s beauty in nature.

And… my personal favorite…

Send them to an expert.

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