Sexual Sanity

Sexual Sanity

Mar 25, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

What a crazy and mixed up world that we live in these days!  This is particularly true in the area of sexuality.  Of course, we humans have been pretty confused and conflicted about sex for about as long as there have been people, so we’re not unique in our mess.  It just seems that we’re making a bigger mess than ever by the way that we worship sex and sexuality.  And yes, I do mean worship.

One way of defining worship is an object or idea that we believe (or hope) will give us meaning, fulfillment, and life.  Now think of the way sex is depicted, alluded to, or understood by most folks today.  Wouldn’t worship be a dead-on description of our attitudes?  And is it any wonder that we’re pretty frustrated, confused, and frequently disappointed?

C.S. Lewis describes our confusion well by inviting us to imagine a world in which many people gathered in a large room to face a stage.  Lights go down, silence falls, and curtains rise.  A table is seen with a covered plate resting upon it.  Too the awe and amazement of the crowd, the cover is slowly lifted to reveal… a hamburger.  The crowd erupts in delight and wonder.  Now, says, Lewis, wouldn’t you think that something had gone wrong with the appetites in that world?  And in our world, something has indeed gone wrong with our appetites- around both food and sexuality.

To move towards not just wholeness but simple sanity, we’ll need to take an internal step back and consider our own hearts.  How much are we hoping/believing that fulfilled appetites (food, sex, stuff) will lead to filled hearts? To say it more bluntly, what are we setting up as idols in our hearts? Often the first step toward God is to recognize what we’ve put in His place.  And as we acknowledge our misplaced worship, we come back to the One who gives us these amazing gifts to enjoy and delight in.  And we keep trusting Him to remind us of the difference between the gift and the Giver.

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