Tuesday of Passion Week

Apr 07, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Tuesday Mark 14:1-11

Jesus’ anointing at Bethany

This is a scene in the gospels that needs to be entered into with all of our senses, not simply our analytical minds.  So let’s set the scene some more:

Feel the tension in the air from Jesus- He’s spent the day in confrontation with the religious leaders.  You are a disciple who has seen all of this and are emotionally drained from the tension.

Feel the gratitude in this home tonight- a man named Simon the Leper- obviously now healed- Jesus must have healed him.  Simon rarely stops smiling when he looks at Jesus.  Enter into his joy as you “see” him in your mind.

Now watch as the woman breaks open a jar of expensive perfume.  Feel the incredulity at first to see such extravagance- a year’s pay!

Sit quietly for a moment and take in the overwhelming scent- it’s a wonderful fragrance, but it’s very strong now as it’s taken over the house.  All conversation has stopped as this precious liquid is slowly and lovingly poured over Jesus’ head.

What are you feeling?  What is going through your mind?

Look over and see the hardened face of Judas as he stares at the scene in distaste and shakes his head.  Puzzle over his words- yes, so much could have been done with this money, and it’s all used up in this moment.

But ponder Jesus’ softly spoken words about this being an anointing for burial. For burial?  He’s talking like He’s already dead!  What is happening here?  Feel the wonder, now mixed with foreboding.

Now simply sit back and let the scene settle in.  Let the fragrance linger, see the look on Jesus’ face, the tears that the woman shed as she poured out her gift.

You’ve been invited into this intimate moment with Jesus.  Sit with Him a moment and ponder what has been done to Him and what He is preparing to do.  Now turn to Jesus yourself.

What is your response?

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