What's After Easter?

Apr 15, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

All this build-up, anticipation, expectation… and then the big event!  No, not talking about Tax Day, cause who gets excited for that, except for some weary CPA’s?  I’m talking about Easter, of course.

Depending on your personal and community rhythms, you may have spent 40 days or more (Lent) in journeying with Jesus towards the Cross and His resurrection.  Or perhaps it was the last week or so- Passion Week, we call it.  From the somber tones of Good Friday to the earth-shattering joy of Resurrection Sunday, we can experience a whole range of thoughts and emotions.  And now it’s done, at least until next year, right? Kind of like putting away all the Christmas decorations and dealing with post-holiday blues, perhaps?

I don’t think so.  Easter is far more than an event to remember or a holiday to celebrate.  Easter is Resurrection.  Easter means life.  Life now, not just one day.  Easter means that the good news of Jesus’ re-creation of all things- making all things new, has already begun. It started with Him- His defeat of death and sin and hell.  His new and amazing and one-day-it-will-be-ours resurrection body.

And Easter means that we are invited, called, commanded even- to be part of God’s incredible re-model and restoration of all things.  When we put our confidence in Jesus and what He has accomplished for us on the Cross, we are given a new heart- a new inner being that is alive towards God- wide awake, even.  While we won’t always live in line with that new self, accustomed as we are to old patterns, selfish impulses, and temptation, that new self is still real, still at work, made alive and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As we mature- grow up in Jesus- we

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