The curse of "comfortable"

Apr 29, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable?  You’ve got your comfortable chair at home, right?  I do! Your favorite shoes (non-fashion wise) are what?  Super comfortable.  We adjust anything we can- computer screens, the seat in our cars, even the angle of our pillows- all for comfort.  Comfort is a good thing, isn’t it?

Often.  Usually.  Sometimes.  Sometimes not.

Comfort is a great thing for shoes and chairs.  But more often, comfort is an enemy of growth, of a wider and deeper life with God and others.  In fact, I would have to concur with the assessment of some who would say that the #1 Idol (false god) in America is the god of comfort.  Comfort almost inevitably leads to complacency, which leads to a flat-lined faith.  Nobody intends to deflate the vibrancy and intensity of their life with God, but so many end up there at various points.  How come?  Again and again, the answer comes back- “I just got comfortable.”

And that’s one of the reasons that God sometimes allows difficulties and trials into our lives.  To shake us from our lethargy, wake us from spiritual stupor.  We don’t long for hardship (unless we’re really strange) but we can welcome it when we see the results that it can bring.

But we can do more than simply wait for the next bump in the road to come along.  We can choose to be uncomfortable.  Here are some thoughts- feel free to share your own.

Walk across the street, the office, the room, wherever, and get to know someone new.  Yes, it can feel awkward- uncomfortable.  But it’s good.  Try something new for your time with God.  Take a walk, sit in silence, read one verse and memorize it, journal your thoughts, write a poem, sing a song, bow down to the floor, raise your hands in worship.  Do something that will stretch you, allow you to be uncomfortable, but will help you to grow.

So go ahead and try something.  Make yourself uncomfortable.  It’s a good thing.

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