The True Story

Jul 16, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Leslie Newbiggin, an influential missionary to India, wrote something that has stuck with me this week.  He said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that one of the main reasons he reads the Bible each day is to remind him of “the True Story of the world.”  Let me unpack this a little.

Every day we are bombarded with alternate stories of how the world is or how it works: The strong (rich, beautiful, famous,) win and matter more than others-including you.  Pain and suffering are random and if there is a God, he doesn’t do much about the mess we’re in.  You better grab all of the ______ (stuff, pleasure, power, comfort) you can, because you only go around once. Live for now, worry about eternity when you get there.

These and other versions are the stories we hear, see, and experience each day.  But they are not the True Story, though some of these stories contain half-truths- which are the most dangerous kind.  The True Story is that there is a God who is great and good.  And He is present now, in our world and in our lives, and He is active.  He is working, moving all things, ultimately, towards a glorious ending/beginning.  He will one day, as NT Wright says, “set the world to rights.”  Jesus will put it this way, “Look, I am making all things new!” This is the True Story- and it is one that I need to be reminded of, remember, and live my part in, each day.  So there’s one more reason to read the Bible- and what to look for as you read.  I think it’s a pretty good one

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