Thoughts from Jim M.

Jul 31, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Thoughts from Jim M.

These days it seems that we live in an increasingly “grace-less” world.  A few months ago a man was shot and killed as he sat in a photo-radar van, the apparent victim of out-of-control rage at— who knows what?  How about talk radio- any form? Filled with anger, spewing venom.  Sporting events aren’t immune- impatient and frustrated fans easily erupt into boos or even brawls.  And just consider the level of frustration and anger taking place at any given rush hour, anywhere.  If you bottled all of that anger and hostility, you’d have enough ugliness to start a war.

Into such a world- so frustrated, hurting, and angry- grace is such welcome news.  Grace has indeed come, and His name is Jesus.  Grace has flowed into our lives from a blood-soaked cross and an empty tomb.  Grace pours out on us each moment.  Every breath, every ray of light, all of it is grace.

Breathe in deeply- go ahead, just do it.  That breath was a gift of grace.  Inhale a reminder that you are infinitely loved by an infinitely gracious King- King who was willing to die in your place.  Breathe in with the awareness that your present and your future have meaning and worth that is incalculable.  Breathe in grace.

And breathe out, too- of course!  But let your exhale remind you to “rid yourself” of things like anger, rage, bitterness, ugly talk. (See Ephesians 4:31)  Let it go- don’t hold on to it- for it will only poison you and damage relationships.

Let’s keep reminding ourselves of God’s love and mercy.  Let’s not forget that ours world is, and can be- a grace-soaked world.

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