You're Judgmental!

Aug 21, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

When they get up on their little soapbox and then look down their noses?  When they point fingers and wag tongues?  When they critique, criticize, and condemn?  People like that- I just can’t stand it!  After all, I would never do anything like that.  I’m way better than that.  I’m not judgmental.

Oops.  I guess we tip our hands too easily, don’t we?  I don’t know of anyone who actually considers themselves judgmental (or who would admit it).  Being judgmental in our day is tantamount to the unforgiveable sin.  You can do just about anything you want, just don’t judge me!  Matthew 7:1 now seems to be the most quoted verse in the Bible- “Don’t judge, or you will be judged.”  Aside from our failure to distinguish between discernment (necessary) and being judgmental (ugly), there’s another problem.  We’re all judgmental.  As far as I can tell, it’s a universal problem- hence the need for the instruction from Jesus.  Funny, when it’s people we agree with, we call them discerning- and smart.  When it’s people who we dislike or disagree with, it’s called being critical- or just plain wrong.

Seems to me that a good place to start would be to admit that judging is a problem- for all of us, not “those people.”  And then begin to practice a couple of reminders.  When tempted to critique or even subtly condemn someone else, remember something about them: they are made in the image of God- even if that image has been marred or distorted.  Their “imago dei”- divine imprint- gives them incalculable worth.  And the other reminder: That Jesus gave His very life for them, just as He gave His life for me.  And I’m no less in need of God’s grace.  Really.
So stop being so judgmental, will you?  I would never do something like that!

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