Mondays is for…

Aug 31, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

So what is it about Monday’s?  Yes, I know we’ve all heard again and again about the “Monday’s”- having to go back to work/school/routine after a weekend of rest or play or even just doing something different than Monday-Friday.  But it seems to go deeper than that.

I feel a bit bi-polar when it comes to Mondays.  Some Mondays I feel charged up and ready to get at it, take on the world, and hit the ground running (and other assorted cliches).  I really do.  And then there are other Mondays when I feel discouraged before I even start.  Going back to bed or just driving west until I hit ocean sounds like a good plan on those days.  And I find that I’m usually feeling one or that other pretty strongly, for some reason, on Monday mornings.

So here’s my theory (and I’d love to hear yours, too, unless it’s about how I should just drink more coffee and quit whining).  I think that part of us (our inner being) is longing for a sense that what we’re doing matters- it’s impacting the world for the better and it isn’t just a routine or the same-old kind of rut.  And when we have a sense of that, most often we feel energized and invigorated- we want more of that.  But sometimes we get numbed by monotony or even just worn out from the kinds of “doing” that don’t feel connected to our souls somehow. We wonder if what we’re giving ourselves to really matters.

So I’m reminded this morning of a small but really critical truth that’s sandwiched in at the end of 1 Corinthians 15.  It’s in verse 58: “So, my dear brothers (and sisters), stand firm. Let nothing move you.  Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

So let me offer this to you today: It does matter, even when we often wonder if it does.  Doing your job well as a kind of offering or act of service to God- it counts- it matters.  Caring for your children, calling or emailing a friend, pulling weeds, even letting someone in front of you in line- it all matters.  All that we do, from our occupations to our hobbies, from our conversations to our grocery shopping- all of it can be lived in the presence of God and for His purposes.  All of it- and it can be redeemed from the monotony and God-directed.  Sure, we will still have our “monday’s” to muddle through sometimes- that’s part of life.  But I think I just needed this reminder today. Perhaps you did too.

Richard’s Ramblings

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