Hard things

Sep 21, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Today is difficult-news that 2 of my son’s schoolmates were killed by their mother in a murder-suicide hit us yesterday and today they go to school with hundreds of others who seek to make sense of this horrific tragedy.  I pray that Jesus will somehow use us to bring some light into this darkness and be able to love and listen and enter the pain.

I wrote something a bit ago that I thought I’d share- looking ahead to the Day when Jesus returns to “set the world to rights”- I so long for that Day! Here’s the poem:

Shut down the hospitals

Close all the morgues

Shutter the clinics

For death is no more.

The spell has been broken

Now free and unchained

Sun has now risen

Dawning end to all pain.

Long shrouded in darkness

Stubbed candles for light

We’ve waited oft’ wondered

How long lasts this night?

Through tears leaking sadness

Drops of heartache in rain

Dark clouds dogged our journey

Again… and again.

And always awaiting

Whether sudden or strained

Were death’s looming shadows

We fought him in vain.

Yes, the way of all flesh

And the way of us all

Tho’ we barter, we bluster

Still he comes for us all.

Until the bars will be broken

And graves loosen their chains

Til all darkness is lifted

Whispering end of all pain.

For that Day it is coming

As sure as the sun

Hope still has it’s reason

While we wait for this One.

So til that day dawns

And ushers the light

We hold on, we soldier

We stay in the fight.

Til we shut down the hospitals

And close all the morgues

Til we shutter the clinics

When death is no more.

Richard’s Ramblings

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