A Prayer for Today

Sep 09, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Sometimes we find words that speak the message of our hearts so clearly- better than our own ability to express.  I find that Ted Loder’s book “Guerrillas of Grace” is just that.  Here’s a prayer from him called “I Want So to Belong”- maybe we can let God pray this in our hearts today:

O God, I want so to belong;

teach me to accept.

I want to be close;

teach me to reach out.

I want a place where I am welcome;

teach me to open my arms.

I want mercy;

teach me to forgive.

I want beauty;

teach me honesty.

I want peace;

show me the eye of the storm.

I want truth;

show me the way to question

my unquestionable convictions.

I want joy;

show me the way of deeper commitment.

I want life;

show me how to die.

Richard’s Ramblings

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