Hard Obedience

Sep 17, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Listening to God and following His leading isn’t always easy.  I am convinced that it is truly the best and highest way to live- the only way we’ll truly find life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I was just reading about Isaiah in my One Year Bible reading- Isaiah 20.  God instructs the prophet to become a kind of visual object lesson- to paint a kind of picture for the people of Israel to remind them of God’s truth and power. Here’s the kicker- Isaiah was instructed by God to walk around naked.  Not for a day or even a month, but for 3 whole years!  I suppose a person might get used to it after a month or two, but still.  I don’t recall hearing that story in Sunday School growing up.  It reminded me of another prophet, Ezekiel, was to lay on his side for 390 days-over a year, cooking his food over a fire fueled by- here’s the yuk part- his own dung.  Not quite the Jonah and the big fish kind of story, is it?

But here’s the point besides hopefully encouraging you to dig into your Bibles more-there’s some amazing stuff in there!  The point I’m making is that sometimes obeying God is just plain hard.  While most of us aren’t going to be asked to walk around naked or lie down for a year, we are asked by God to do things that seem pretty scary for most of us.  Like initiating a conversation with a friend about spiritual things.  Like sharing our personal story of Jesus’ work in our lives.  Like walking across the street or the room or the office and getting to know someone that we don’t know now.  Not quite an Isaiah or Ezekiel moment, but still a stretch for most of us.  But that’s the adventure God is inviting us to.  It’s remembering that our lives aren’t just about arranging our own comfort but about joining Jesus on His mission to rescue and restore people to a right relationship with God.  Not always easy- but definitely, without a doubt, it’s worth it.

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