Thoughts on a Willing Heart

by Brent Langley and Kelly Stutzman

Hello Chrio Community. We just wanted to let you in on a little of what God is doing in our lives. Besides planning a wedding, working full time, and getting more involved with our Chrio family, we feel led to work with youth in the community. Brent has worked with an organization called Young Life for over eight years and an opportunity has presented itself to bring Young Life to Rhodes Junior High. I am excited, but also a little unsure of how this whole thing is going to look.

This past weekend we, along with Nate and Holly Pelz, attended a leaders retreat at a Young Life camp in Williams, Arizona. One of the speakers taught from the book of Jonah. He use the story to illustrate the idea that God has a plan for us as His people. All we have to do is show up and God will do the rest of the work as we obey Him. Even after living in the belly of a whale for three days, Jonah went to Ninevah still with somewhat of an unwilling heart. Our Lord still prepared thousands of Ninevite hearts to be ready to hear God’s word from Jonah. Jonah just needed to be obedient and faithful to God’s call…

One of our challenges over the next few months is to build relationships with kids so that we can eventually host a club night. This means lots and lots of contact work or just hanging out at the school on a consistent basis so that the kids get to know us. I was a little nervous about this part and was preparing myself for a lot of “why is this old lady talking to me” looks. Monday night Brent stopped by football practice at Rhodes on his way home and you know what? He met three kids who approached him! Tuesday night we both went to the Rhodes football game and you know what? We met a single mom with three children under the age of fourteen. This mom began to share her story of her pains of divorce and the challenges of raising her children alone as a single mother. In our short interaction we were able to exchange information with this mother. We were encouraged to have someone be so open and she seemed to be encouraged to know that there are people who want to be involved in the community to love her and her children. We also had several other kids approach us. We talked about life, ate skittles, and drank soda through red vines. After our time with kids and parents, we truly understood that if we are obedient and “show up” where God is calling us to be, people will respond because God is faithful in preparing hearts before we encounter others just as God prepared the people’s hearts in Ninevah. Our awesome God has now given us the opportunity and responsibility to call a mom with the hope of coming along side her and her children, while also sharing the Gospel message of Christ with our new friends at Rhodes. Please pray for us as we move forward trying to be obedient to Christ’s plan of building relationships with parents and kids in the community at Rhodes Jr. High School.

Thank you for all your support,

Kelly and Brent

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