Why Am I Here?

By Trever Allen

An inch higher and an inch lower I wouldn’t be here.  The ball came over the first baseman’s head from the shortstop and hit me right in the back of my head.  I have not really questioned my life until now, and now as I am driving home I question what my real meaning in life is.  I sat in the hospital  earlier today wondering about life and just how God has so much power over us and can take a life away so fast.  I cry in my head as I think of not seeing my parents, friends and rest of my family again.  What if I have internal bleeding?  “What if I only have a few days left,” I ask myself as I sit and wait to hear from the doctors.

God is such a sovereign Lord; I really believe that what happened to me was a sign and a reason for me to open up my eyes.  God came to me today and really wanted to show me his way and for me to stop looking out for me and taking things for granted.  I almost died, and if I can’t get anything out this situation then I am a fool.  God has sent me here for a reason and has a purpose for my life.  What happened today was hard and I will be in a lot of pain for a while, but what has happened to me today made me realize Jesus Christ went through ten times more pain then I have suffered!  God has an absolute plan for me and it has taken only 17 years to figure that out.  The plan might change, but from now on he wants me to be kind and not take anything for granted.  Life is so much more than money and “things”, what we value should be our abilities to do something well and use it for others and the glory of God!

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