Facing the Unknowns

By Kendra Roberts

Monday through Thursday I take the light rail to ASU’s Tempe campus. Sometimes, the train is quiet; I take one of many empty seats and settle in for an uneventful and peaceful ride. Other times, I’m not so lucky. It can be packed to the brim and I have to stand uncomfortably close to strangers, endure terrible odors and loud, obnoxious conversations. It can also be frightening. Today, two women quickly sprinted past me—I heard yelling—they were running away from a fight. Three young men were squaring off, about ready to really let each other have it. People unable to move away gave fearful looks. A man began to shout at the three guys to take it off the train. It seemed gang related. I worried they might have guns.

So far, even with the drama, I make it to and from school safely. Maybe you don’t ride public transportation, or, maybe you do. Either way, no matter where we are, what we do or—how we get to where we’re going to do what we do…we all face unknowns. The one thing that remains constant throughout our daily experience is God’s nature: his unfailing love for us. This is my courage and strength. We are beloved children of God!

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