Learning to Love…the Church

Oct 16, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

One of the signs that we really care about someone is when we learn to love what they love.  For example, I am not by nature a huge fan of classical music, and certainly not enough of a fan to sit through a whole concert.  But I love my wife. A lot.  And because of that love, I have not only sat through a few concerts, I have even learned to care- to learn a bit about the music, the composers, that sort of thing.  I have learned to see the music more through Kelli’s eyes, and that has changed how I see (and listen).  Love will do that.

Which is why it’s even more important that we learn to love the things that Jesus loves.  And as it turns out, one of the things that Jesus loves- a whole lot, in fact- is the church.  He calls it His bride- His cherished love.  I know, it may be hard to understand His attraction when we look at certain churches.  I get that.  There’s plenty of reason to be skeptical, perhaps cynical at times, when we look at the state of things in all too many churches.  We seem to fall pretty far short of the picture of a beautiful bride that Jesus has in mind.

And yet, somehow, we are still loved and treasured by Jesus.  We are still His primary way to accomplish His purposes in the world.  We’re still Plan A for His mission of seeking after people who are far from Him.  We’re still His hands and feet to show love, help, and hope.  Jesus is still counting on us-on Him working through us.

And that’s why I still believe in and love the church.  Some may think it unnecessary or outdated, but I think it’s more relevant and more critical than ever.  No, we’re not perfect-far from it.  But Jesus still loves His church.  And because I love Him, I am committed to loving it, too.

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