Jesus is Lord

Oct 21, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

Words matter, still.  It’s true that we live in a day of endless noise and near constant assault of breathless, empty verbiage- talk radio, talk TV, internet chatter, meaningless “sound bites” ad nauseum.  We tune in and out- not sure if one set of sounds carries any more weight than the next.  But words are not created equal.  Some are so significant, so profound, that they can completely change our trajectory and reorient our lives.  Just try these three words on for size:  Jesus is Lord.

In the mouths of those who first uttered them, these words were a revolutionary and dangerous act.  See, in the time of the Caesar’s all under Roman rule were required, on pain of death, to confess, with regularity, “Caesar is lord.”  He was to be acknowledged as supreme and even a form of deity. To say aloud, “Jesus is Lord” was often seen as an act of treason, punishable by persecution, often death.  Those who spoke those words did not say them lightly.

But to say- and mean- “Jesus is Lord” is no less radical today.  By this affirmation we are saying that Jesus is God- fully divine (as well as fully human).  We are saying Jesus, in His brutal murder on a cross, was your and my substitute- He endured God’s anger for our sins and paid our debt in full.  And in His resurrection from the dead, Jesus has fully triumphed over death and hell and Satan and is Himself the beginning of the renewal of all things.  And because of His triumph, Jesus is now lifted up as the King above all kings- He is supreme- He is Lord of all.

And that means, when we say, “Jesus is Lord”, we are saying that He is the Lord of my life (He’s in charge), He’s the Lord of this church (He’s the Senior Pastor!), He’s the One to whom every person will one day bow in worship and awe.

Three words—go ahead, try them out—Jesus is Lord.  Say them again.  Jesus is Lord.  That’s saying something, isn’t it? Now we’re talking!

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