Prince of Peace

Dec 03, 2009

Richard Gotthardt

One of the wonderful titles given to Jesus tends to come up this time of year, when we look back at Old Testament prophesies about His birth.  In Isaiah we read the words, “And He will be called… the Prince of Peace.”  Unpackage that with me for a moment.  He is not a prince, He is the prince.  One like none other, unique.  A prince is a ruler, the one in charge, in authority.  Most princes claim for themselves titles that describe their ability to conquer, to defeat their enemies.  But wouldn’t the height of power be the ability to bring about peace, no matter what His enemies attempted?  That would be- and is- unmatched authority.

And one of the moments from Jesus’ time on earth demonstrates this so beautifully.  The scene: Jesus with His disciples in a boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee during a fierce storm.  Seasoned fisherman are terrified; Jesus is napping in the stern of the nearly-swamped vessel.  Wide-eyed with fear, they rouse Jesus, only to be rebuked for their lack of faith.  And then He pauses, turns to look at the storm, the waves, the chaos.  He speaks a single word, “Peace.”  The Prince of Peace at work.  In an instant, the ocean is a sea of glass, the wind as still as stone.  Peace.  Peace has come.

Listen for that voice again.  Lean in, for here is our invitation to remember that Peace has indeed come.  The Prince of Peace has walked among us and risen to reign.  He speaks peace to raging storms and to troubled hearts.  He can calm a tempest and He can quiet an anxious mind.  He is the Prince, the One who brings peace, for truly, “He Himself is our peace.”  Listen to His voice, and let Peace reign in us today.

Richard’s Ramblings

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