These Gifts We Bring

Jan 07, 2010

Richard Gotthardt

  1. Get there in time for the start- check.
  2. Get something to eat on the way in- check.
  3. Grab a seat and get comfortable- check.
  4. Hope it’s good, maybe discuss it after- check.

Oh, I was talking about a movie.  Did you think I was talking about a Chrio Gathering?  Most of us aren’t likely to confuse the two experiences, especially since we don’t have a big special effects budget.  But it can be tempting to treat the two with a similar mindset- the “receive” mode.  So let me suggest several ways that we can engage more fully as we gather.  After all, this is our once a week opportunity to be Christ’s body in a way we can’t at almost any other time.

First, come Expecting.  Expect that God is present (He always is), that He has something in mind for you, and that He desires you to offer yourself to Him and others.

Come Listening.  Hear God speak through the songs we sing, the stories that are shared, through His Word proclaimed.  Hear the hearts of others as you listen to them and pay attention to their words as well as the look on their faces, the bounce in their step, or the slump in their shoulders.

Come Giving. We frequently ask the wrong question: “What did I get out of it?”  But the object of our worship is God, not us.  The question is, “Was God pleased with what I brought?” With the songs I sang to Him, the gifts to others of attention and encouragement?  With financial gifts that come from a grateful and worshiping heart?  With a willingness to receive God’s Word, to honor Jesus as my King, my Rescuer, my very Life? Did I come to offer myself afresh to God and others, and in the process find that He fills me again?

Finally, come As You Are.  Our gathering isn’t a test to pass, a class to sit through, or an event to take in.  It’s a people gathered around the presence of Jesus.  Broken, flawed, and imperfect people who have been forgiven, are being restored, and who are on a journey together- towards Jesus.  With Jesus.  For Jesus.

Let’s do this together.

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