Thoughts on the New Year

Allison LaBianca

January is that time of year many of us find ourselves reflecting over the previous year and looking ahead at what’s to come.  Two years ago Kelli challenged those of us in SPA to embrace a word or phrase for the upcoming year and see how God would work in that; that’s what I did again this year.

The second half of 2009 was a difficult time for me.  Transitioning back to America after a year in Uganda has been tough.  I was faced with the reality that people, things, and ideas that I have taken comfort in have been stripped away and are being refined.  Although refinement is necessary and good, it can also be quite painful.  Thoughts of what I longed for but didn’t have were beginning to weigh on me.  Thankfully in the midst of it all there was hope that Jesus will always be a constant when nothing else is.  Instead of seeing life through a lens of what I don’t have, I want to embrace what I do.

This brings me to my word for 2010, fullness.  This word seems to embody all that I hope for; fullness in my circumstances, my relationships, my ministry.  My heart longs to rest in the fullness of God’s love for me as His daughter and to journey into fully becoming the woman He has created me to be.

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