Thoughts on Easter

Thoughts on Easter

Apr 02, 2010

Joseph Bayly, the author of the poem below, told this story:

One day, flying from Chicago to Los Angeles, he engaged the woman sitting next to him in conversation.  She was a little over 40, well dressed, and quite articulate.  He asked, “Where are you from?”  She said, “From Palm Springs.”

Knowing Palm Springs to be a city of the rich and famous, he asked, “What’s Palm Springs like?”  Being perceptive, she answered, “Palm Springs is a beautiful place filled with unhappy people.”

To which he asked, “Are you unhappy?”

She said, “Yes, I certainly am.”  

“Why?” he asked.

She said, “I can answer it in one word, and that word is mortality.  Until I was 40, I had perfect eyesight.  Shortly after, I went to the doctor because I couldn’t see as well as I could before.  Ever since that time, these corrective glasses have been a sign to me that not only are my eyes wearing out, but I’m wearing out.  Some day I’m going to die.  I really haven’t been happy since that time.”

Contrast that with the words of this poem he wrote:

Let’s celebrate Easter with the rite of laughter.

Christ died and rose and lives.

Laugh like a woman who holds her first baby.

Our enemy death will soon be destroyed.

Laugh like a man who finds he doesn’t have cancer, or he does, but now there’s a cure.

Christ opened wide the door of heaven.

This world is owned by God, and he’ll return to rule.

Laugh like a man who walks away uninjured from a wreck in which his car was totaled.

Laugh as if all the people in the whole world were invited to a picnic and then invite them.

Joseph Bayly, Psalms of My Life

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