Fortress or Outpost?

Fortress or Outpost?

Apr 08, 2010

Richard Gotthardt

E-Newsletter: FortressIs the church a fortress or an outpost?  How you understand that picture makes a huge difference.

Here’s the fortress analogy:

  • Church exists to provide a refuge, a haven, a safe place for people to find shelter in from the world around them.  The reason for this is that the world is scary, dangerous, and corrupted with evil and ugliness. 
  • Goal is for people to be comfortable, secure, and untroubled. 
  • We may go up on the castle walls to view the enemy territory, perhaps even run outside for periods of time.  But overall, the plan is to get back to safety and relative comfort, surrounded by folks who largely think and act the way we do.

An outpost is very different. 

  • The goal is not retreat, but rather advancement.   We go boldly, not reluctantly into enemy territory, surrounded by brokenness, ugliness, even hostility.  But that is to be expected.
  • The strategy is not one of comfort and safety, but of regular and intentional engagement in the enemy’s territory.  We understand that the enemy only has a short-term hold on this territory, and we are here to reclaim for our King that which is rightfully His.

You’ve probably guessed that I would argue for the outpost view.  Not just because it’s what I’d prefer, but because it’s what I see in Scripture.  Which is all very nice to say, but what does it actually mean for us- for Chrio, for you and I?  Let’s talk…

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