Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Apr 23, 2010

Richard Gotthardt

I have a confession to make.  Not really a shocker, but it’s good to just get things out in the open…Ready?  Here goes: 

There is a whole lot that I don’t know and a whole lots I’m not good at.  And not just about how radio waves work or how to throw a sinking curve ball.  Deeper stuff.  See, as a pastor, I carry around a sense of expectation that I know certain things- about God and the Bible, sure, but lots more.  Things like- how does one cause a church to run smoothly and efficiently, grow steadily, and effectively meet the needs of each person?  What ministries and programs need to be implemented and led well?  How does one design and deliver not only a powerful message but an impactful worship experience- each week?  How do vibrant communities of faith develop and multiply?  Oh, and how does one effectively counsel and guide people in various challenges and crisis with the right balance of love, grace, and hope?

There’s plenty more I could list, but you get the idea.  And if it sounds like I’m whining, that’s not really it.  I’m sure that each of us has our own list of “expected competency” items.  And this isn’t my “we expect too much from pastors these days” speech either.  No, what I’m saying is this- to each and every one of you:

I need you.  Chrio Communities needs you.  If I can be so bold, even: Jesus needs you  (not to keep the world running or anything, so relax).  But as I read the Bible more and more, I don’t see a bunch of superstars who shone brighter than everyone else.  I see ordinary, flawed people that God uses- and displays His life and power through.

I do have some gifts that God has entrusted to me- communicating, leadership, maybe a couple others.  You have gifts, too.  And I’m really OK with saying this to you:  I’m not a superstar.  I don’t have the kind of magnetic charisma that will build a church all on it’s own (I really used to hope I did).  This is pretty obvious to most of you, I know, but I’m pretty ordinary.  

And that’s exactly what gets me excited and hopeful about Chrio, actually.  We’re a bunch of ordinary people.  And God has been using us, and wants to keep using us, to live out, to tell, and to be part of His extraordinary story.  That way, when amazing things happen (like exotic dancers finding Jesus, hungry kids getting fed, communities being transformed, and a church growing), we’ll know it wasn’t because we were so smart or talented.  It is and will be all because of Jesus.  So let’s keep offering ourselves- our ordinary, regular selves- to Jesus, to one another, and to God’s purposes for the people around us.  And see what extraordinary story God tells with ordinary people.

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