Faith is a Funny Thing

Faith is a Funny Thing

May 07, 2010

Richard Gotthardt

Faith is a funny thing.  On the one hand, we are encouraged to believe in “unbelievable” things when we’re young- like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, that kind of thing.  Then, when we “grow up”, we’re supposed to be more sensible and reasonable and believe in only what we can see, touch, feel, or prove logically.  Things that don’t really require faith.  Apparently, faith is supposed to be a luxury that only the young can enjoy.

Except that we still exercise faith all the time.  When we say our marriage vows, we’re putting faith in another person- that they’ll keep loving us and stick with us through all the ups and downs of life.  Sure, we may have credible reasons to think that they’ll do so (how they’ve acted so far), but to believe that they’ll keep it up?  That’s an act of faith.

As is getting on an airplane or riding in a car.  Ever stop to think that the people around you in their shiny metal boxes traveling at sixty-plus miles an hour could just suddenly have a violent instinct (I’ve had my share), decide to yank the wheel, and smash their box into yours?  Yes, that’s why we have seat belts and air bags.  But driving is still an act of faith.

But we don’t like to have to trust others- we’d rather be in control.  To willingly put ourselves in a position where someone else must come through for us?  That’s very scary.  We’ve all been let down enough to be wary, to avoid trusting others too much, lest we be let down again.

So it makes sense to me that Jesus would say that we need to become like children in order to come to Him, to enter His Kingdom.  We have to be willing to put ourselves in His hands, heart and soul.  Without even meeting Him!  And to keep putting ourselves in His hands, in His care, each day.  That’s faith.  Kids tend to get it more easily, since they haven’t started building fences around their heart yet. 

But here’s what I’m learning, ever so slowly:  It’s better to abandon my heart to Jesus than to try to protect it.  When I try to guard it, it only hardens, shrinks, gets old.  When I release it, bit by bit, to Jesus, my heart grows.  It gets younger, larger somehow.  That’s what faith- no, that’s what Jesus can do.

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