A Word

A Word

May 14, 2010

Richard Gotthardt

First, let me say, if you don’t already know this about me, that I don’t throw the phrase “God told me” around lightly.  In my opinion, it’s often used very casually (or misused) and I feel pretty cautious about such things.  With that said, I wanted to share what I sensed was a prompting from God to me today (5/11).

I was spending time in Scripture (going through the One Year Bible again) and in prayer, and for some reason the word “consecrate” came to mind.  It wasn’t in the biblical text I was reading, though the ideas were – around the ark of the covenant and it’s sacredness, around Samuel being set aside for God’s work, listening to God’s voice (a little fyi- did you know when Samuel says to God, “speak, for your servant is listening”, the word “listen” means to listen with an intent to obey).  And then Saul being chosen as Israel’s first king.  All of these were set apart for God’s purposes.  They had been invested with a divine purpose.

But this word consecrate came to mind, and I was wondering how God might be speaking that to us (Chrio Communities) right now.  Here’s some of what came to mind:

  • God has called each of us for His unique purposes, and He’s called us not just individually but in community with each other for specific purposes (some of which we already know and some of which He will keep showing us)
  • Consecrated has the idea of being set apart for special use.  Kind of like when you save the good china or silver for special guests, if your family did that kind of thing.  But the idea isn’t in keeping it from “getting dirty” but rather about being available to be used by the Master.
  • Part of being consecrated also seems to be about sharpening our focus.  As someone has said, the good is often the enemy of the best.  We each have so many options and opportunities, for many good and worthwhile things.  But if we allow ourselves to be spread too thin to try to give ourselves to too many things, there can be less of us to go around.  We can become weary and distracted, and start wondering if it’s all worth it.  

There are other pictures and thoughts that this word consecrate stirs up- perhaps you have your own.  I don’t exactly know what God might be wanting to do with this, but simply have a sense that I should start by sharing this with you- the leadership team of Chrio.  I’d ask that you sit with the Lord with it a bit, see what He might have for you.

One other thing— after sitting with this a bit, I thought I’d run this word by Kelli (she’s pretty tuned in to the Holy Spirit, in my opinion).  Her response?  “Hmmm, that’s interesting, that same word came up twice in my Bible reading today.”  And we’re not reading the same things in Scripture.  Made me sit up and take notice some more.

I do believe that God has been doing many things among us already- locally, globally, in and among our church.  But I also have a sense that there is much more that He desires to do.  And I also have a sense that to be even more available for His work in and through us, He is inviting us to be even more fully consecrated to Him.

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