Where I See God Working

By John Boyd

For the past 21 years my wife, Penny, and I have been on the ship of raising children.  Having five, one can imagine the ship has been big and rocky!  With our oldest child, Jeremy, who is married, self employed with two children, to Mandy, a junior in High school & still at home, we are in that “stage” of life where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel- empty nest and retirement.  God has done some amazing things in the lives of all our children’ Jeremy, Adam, Stephanie, Alyssa, Mandy, and us (Penny and me), too.  The seven of us try to meet each Sunday for dinner and spend time sitting around the table together.  At these get-togethers we end up talking about “old times”-both good and bad.  And at the end of the evening it is amazing to me how we get back to realizing how blessed we ALL are.  No matter the hurt or disappointment of events that have occurred in the individual lives of all five children, God’s blessings and His Grace comes to the surface.  Penny and I watch the interactions, hear the words spoken and understand-this is what life is all about…family!

We have seen the past and at times are worried for the future-even though God’s word tells us “to be worried about nothing, for He is in control.”  As penny and I look to the future we know for certain that it will be glorious and wonderful, for our Lord will protect and lead us, for His glory.  Our children have been in His hands and He will surround them with His mercy and love.  What a great God we have!  He has accepted us into His “family” and will never leave us.  I look forward to sitting around His table and listening to Him, feasting on His awesomeness!

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One Response to Where I See God Working

  1. Debby says:

    Your sitting at both tables is an image for me bringing peace and a cup that overflows! How wonderful we can actually experience both tables as we gather around a meal and partake in the Lord’s supper together! Thanks john! Look forward to having a meal and communion with you all soon!

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