Bless you! Seriously!

“Bless you!” You’ve said it hundreds of times. You really have no choice, once you hear the sneeze. It’s just being polite, after all.

But we don’t mean anything by it. Nothing like, “My deep and sincere prayer for you, friend, is that God’s richest, widest joys will be yours. May your experience this day, from this moment forward, be one of God’s beneficent presence and abundance showering down upon you!” Probably not what you have in mind when you say those two words to the sneezer, is it? Me neither. That’s OK, it’s just a social formality. (Feel free to pray that for the sneezer if you like, of course)

But what about not only praying for God’s blessing on people, but also helping to bring it? There are so many ways to bless people, and so many opportunities each day. Something as simple as letting that car merge into your lane, offering a smile and eye contact to someone, a hug, or making a call just to say hello. Of course there are ways to bring blessing that run deeper, too. Words of encouragement, being a faithful friend, serving someone who can’t repay you.

So next time someone sneezes, go ahead and say it. Just don’t forget to be a blessing, too.

Richard’s Ramblings

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