Accountability Questions

In last Sunday night’s message, I referred briefly to the word accountability.  The word itself is used often these days in Christian circles, but I’m concerned that it’s often become a pretty vague and hazy idea for many.

I just came across this list of accountability questions that were collected by Ed Stetzer (researcher, church planter, all-around good dude).  Here’s where you can get them:

A couple of caveats about accountability:

We ask each other questions like this in a context of grace and encouragement with the goal of love and growth, not “gotchas!” or legalistic performance.

We make explicit that we are “for” each other and that we can be trusted to hold what we share in confidence.

Relationship is central- with God and one another.  In other words, if I am going to enter into someone’s life at this level and invite them into mine, I want to know this person and be committed to journeying together.

So there you go.  I pray that we’ll be increasingly courageous and transparent and that God will use us to sharpen, love, and uphold each other as we grow to be more like Jesus!

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