Taking that Next Step?

So you’ve sensed an invitation, a nudge, a prompting… to take a step.  There’s an old proverb that says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  And you know what?  No matter how ambitious or eager—or how fearful and uncertain—all of us share this in common.  We can only take a step at a time.

So, let me remind us of what we talked about this past Sunday:

It begins with Prayer. When Nehemiah was overwhelmed, he prayed.  When he had challenges in his way, he prayed.  When he was encouraged and when he was discouraged, he prayed.   So, as you face whatever is in front of you this week, remember to pray- to call out to the One who longs to hear you speak His Name.
And then there’s Purpose– that God has a unique purpose He’s calling you toward.  Jesus was always living on purpose- His Father’s purpose- and those purposes always involved moving towards what is broken.  So what (and who, including the brokenness in each one of us) is broken around you that God is inviting you to move towards—with His love and grace.

And a Plan will begin taking shape.  Maybe it’s just a step, but it’s a start.  You may have a pretty clear idea where it’s going or maybe no clue, but let God begin to form in your heart a plan for moving forward.

And then it comes down to this: Put a Foot Forward.  Take that step.  Chances are, it will feel scary, uncertain, maybe like a step into empty space.  Will God catch you? What will happen?  But this is the adventure of faith— to follow God’s promptings to take a step, risk putting ourselves “out there” and watch how God comes through.

So… what’s your step that God’s inviting you to take this week? And… have you taken it yet?  Let us share in what God is doing and what you’re seeing and experiencing, please!  Send an email, comment on this blog, whatever works- we want to share in this together!

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One Response to Taking that Next Step?

  1. Heidi Deibert says:

    I was not there Sunday but heard about it from others and was eager to read your blog about it as I wanted to get “in” on some of what was happening. I feel encouraged by this blog as I have felt somewhat of a natural leading towards pursuing change this past week. I have been captivated by the song “If you say go” by Rita Springer which talks about listening to the call that God has on our lives – not in the future, not in general, but right now, in this moment and this season of life. And I want to be a follower who truly follows when He says “go”, even if that is going nextdoor to invite my neighbor over. Your words were encouraging and affirming knowing that God has put this passion for change within others in our community as well.

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