Today it's December

December 1 today, and I’m not focusing on counting down shopping days (or internet minutes) til Christmas– not yet, anyway.  Today I’m reminded that it’s World AIDS day.  And I’m thinking of Rosemary.  I met her on my first trip to Kenya- a beautiful, strong Kenyan woman– raising 2 daughters and a son alone, while she herself is HIV Positive.  Kelli and I met her again the following year on our next trip– and my heart broke.  I almost didn’t recognize her- thin, shallow cheeks, thinning hair, drooped shoulders, probably 30 pounds lighter– much too thin.  To me, Rosemary is one of the faces of what AIDS does.

By God’s grace, we’ve been able to stay connected with Rosemary- seeing her daughters get through high school, her son hit his teenage years.  I don’t know how much longer Rosemary has with her family.  But today, I’m thinking of her, thanking God I got to meet her and know her a little bit.  She’s a courageous woman- she loves Jesus and her family a lot.  Today, pray for her, would you?  And check out Food for the Hungry’s website- to see how you might get involved in the fight.

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