Great Advent Idea

I came across this idea this morning and thought I’d share it- a simple and powerful way to engage our hearts with the world!

LIGHTING CANDLES at this time of year seems especially meaningful. Many Christians light candles on an Advent wreath to mark the four weeks until Christmas. Often they include a white candle in the center of the wreath to symbolize Christ, the Light of the world. Tonight gather family or friends around a table on which you have placed a large candle, and provide a candle for each person. Sit in darkness for a moment; then as someone lights the central candle, say, “You [Jesus] are the Light of the world, and we take our light from you.” After each person lights a candle from the central candle, invite everyone to name places in the world or situations where light is needed. After each place or situation is named, all may raise their candles and say, “Light of the world, chase away the darkness.”

– Larry James Peacock

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