Once more… with feeling

I hiked Camelback Mountain today- for the second time this week.  Not exactly a heroic feat- plenty of people run up and down it, sometimes twice in a day.  For me, though, today was a minor victory.  I had gone earlier in the week for what I vaguely recalled was a nice little hike.  To put it kindly (to myself), the mountain kicked my rear.  Sure, I made it to the top, but only after several stops to let my racing heart slow to a manageable pounding.  It wasn’t so much the strain of it that bothered me.  It was all the people passing me- with ease, and maybe I was imagining, but I’m pretty sure they were chuckling quietly as they cruised by.

OK, so they weren’t laughing at me, but it was a wake-up call, as they say.  How did I get so out of shape?  Is this what I am now? Over the hill doesn’t describe it, more like “can barely make it up the hill.”  I’m not quite ready to accept that.  So that’s why I went back today- to go after it again.  I did better (thankfully) and didn’t struggle as badly.  A small victory, but it felt good.  And I’m determined to work at getting in better shape.  But it’s gotten me thinking about how many people get stuck in spiritual lethargy, too.  Sure, they may be disappointed that they’re not in the “shape” that they once were.  But rather than getting motivated, they settle.  Accept this as their new reality, rather than getting motivated to get after it.  The “mountain” of stuck-ness wins.  But it doesn’t have to.  Paul tells Timothy to “train yourself for spiritual fitness”.  Work hard at it- like you would in the gym.  So how “in shape” are you spiritually?  And what are you ready to do about it?

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