Glory to God in the lowest (A Christmas Poem)

OK, so I wrote a Christmas poem.  You may not be a poem person, and I’m certainly no great poet, but felt inspired and took a stab at it.  Here you go….

Angels we have heard below,

No singing choirs nor displaced snow,

But heaven’s armies, clothed in power

Are standing watch in this still hour.

Sheep and oxen stand beside

A rough hewn manger, the One inside,

Contains pure light, whose Glory shone

Undimmed from Heaven’s Eternal throne.

But veiled by flesh we fail to see,

The King, still robed in Deity.

Condescends, stoops to this place,

That we might see Him face to face.

Hail Jesus! Holy, blessed One!

We know you not, yet you have come

To offer what we could not earn

We lost, we blind, to you we turn.

For sinners, hopeless such as I,

Could you have truly come to die?

Can this be true, My King, My friend?

Your reckless love must have no end!

So kneel me down there, one more time

At wooden feed box, for You are mine

The Eternal Son, Love’s Glorious might

Has dawned on us this Christmas night.

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One Response to Glory to God in the lowest (A Christmas Poem)

  1. Shirley Kredit says:

    Richard, your Christmas poem is beaautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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