You can do this.

One of the more popular and pithy self-help messages out there is this simple phrase: “Believe in yourself!” Sounds good, but only sort of. What, exactly, should I believe in myself for? That I can accomplish anything I want? Frankly, that quickly gets absurd. I could believe in myself all day long to be the next American Idol, but it’s just not in me. Really.

So how about when it comes to following Jesus and living out His purposes? Should I believe in my ability to be like Jesus? I would say both yes and no. The no first: None of us has it within ourselves, on our own strength and willpower, to transform ourselves from the inside out. Sure, we can make changes- behaviors, breaking or developing habits. But we can’t fix our own soul- only God can do that.

But here’s the great news- the YES that God wants to plant deeply in your heart: “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. You can become like Jesus- radically so, in fact. Not on your own, but by making room for God to work in and on you, transformation happens. And you can be a person that God works through, too. So let me say to each of us, with real confidence in the One who makes it happen: “You can do this!”

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