Further Thoughts-Red, Yellow, or Green?

So we introduced a tool yesterday in Chrio to help us to do some self-reflection and evaluation.  It’s pretty simple- a little stoplight.  We all know what stoplight colors mean- red, yellow, and green.  But for our purposes, they’re a bit different.

First, a reminder of our three priorities in being and in making fully developed followers of Jesus- GO, BECOME, and CONNECT.  Here’s what we mean by them:

GO: I am intentionally moving toward people who are far from God as I’m being led by the Holy Spirit.

BECOME: I am intentionally pursuing a “with-God life” that makes room for God to transform me from the inside out.

CONNECT: I am intentionally involved in genuine community that is mutually life-giving, God-directed, and others-oriented.

So how do we measure how we’re doing and where we are in these three areas?  Here’s where the stoplight picture comes in:

RED: I’m stuck, blocked, or at a standstill.  I may currently be lacking in motivation or desire, or perhaps I’m frustrated with myself and/or with God.  Whether it’s apathy or frustration, I’m just not moving in this area.

YELLOW: I’m hesitant, perhaps fearful or unsure.  I may need more knowledge or skill to move forward, or perhaps a nudge or even a kick in the pants.  I want to, but I’m not making much forward movement in this area currently.

GREEN: I’m moving- regardless of whether I’m seeing “results” or not, but I’m hearing from God and taking steps of faith and obedience.  It’s not about perfection, but progress, and I’m seeing God work on, in, and through me.

So as you take a few moments for some honest reflection, what “light” are you on in these three areas currently?  What is Jesus saying to you?

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