Charlie Sheen, Football, and the Middle East

I haven’t written in a bit, so I thought I’d post some random thoughts.  Stay with me a moment…

Biggest topic on the news the past week or so- – Charlie Sheen and his current mind-numbing meltdown.  The thing is, there are lots of folks like Charlie Sheen- broken, addicted, trying to stuff the holes in their souls full with booze, drugs, sex and whatever else is laying about.  It’s way too easy to look at Charlie and shake our heads and shrug- “What a waste!”  And it is, of course, and it’s sad to watch someone fall apart in full view of a salivating world that can’t seem to get enough.  But like I said, Charlie is not somehow more depraved than you and I- let’s not kid ourselves.  He’s just had lots more access, more money, and and more opportunity to feed the appetites that promise but don’t deliver true satisfaction.  Who am I to claim that I’m morally superior?  It’s only because of God’s ferocious grace in my life that I haven’t taken a moral nose-dive.  Instead of judging Charlie, it should lead us to be aware of our own neediness for Jesus.

Which leads me to the NFL- all the talk about ridiculously rich players being ridiculously greedy.  Oh, and all the talk about ridiculously rich owners being ridiculously greedy.  All of which violates our standing 11th commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Be Ridiculous.”  And again, we shake our heads and pat our backs because we are not such selfish and greedy types.  Except that we are, apart from… you guessed it, God’s grace.  Yes, I hope they figure it all out, mostly because I’m tired of hearing about it.  But it’s just another reminder that greed is within reach of any of us.

Which naturally leads to the Middle East, right?  Well, it does.  See, I don’t know begin to know all of what is behind these amazing, world-altering revolutions happening across the world right now.  But I know that at some level they are rooted in the heart longing for all things to be made right, for justice, for peace, for the good to win and evil to be defeated.  That longing is within every human heart, because God put it there.  And so amidst the brokenness on display in Hollywood and on ESPN, amidst the sound bites from the evening news, we see the longing of the human heart.  We long for Jesus to bring healing and wholeness.  We long for Jesus to reign fully as King.  Let that longing stir us to pray.  To kneel.  To work with King Jesus towards all things made new.  Amen?

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