This Lent thing is kinda hard…

So this week I decided to do a fast from TV and from having the radio on in the car.  Sounds pretty do-able, right?  It’s actually been a lot harder than I thought, and that seems pretty pathetic.  A few days without TV?  Some quiet in the car? Shouldn’t that be pretty simple?  Turns out that I’m more used to the noise and distraction than I realized.  Having the TV on in the evenings has become a default mode, but not necessarily the best choice.

And here’s the thing- I’m reading more, spending more time in conversation with my kids, even in a couple of days.  These are good things.  It’s not that TV is evil, it’s just too easy.  It requires nothing of me, so my brain can take a break for a while.  Not a bad thing, just not necessarily a helpful thing.  And so I’m being faced  my own addiction (hard to even write that word!) to the tube.  This is a good thing to realize, even as it’s made me uncomfortable.   And it’s only Wednesday…

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