Being a Beginner

Read this and couldn’t agree more:

OUR FAITH JOURNEY involves making steps toward becoming more like Christ. Each one of us walks with God in unique ways, and each of us has our own faith story. Some of us take giant steps; at times we seem to be growing exponentially; at other times our walk consists of baby steps. Honestly, sometimes our progress is halted, or we may even appear to go backwards. …

We can be mature in one area of our Christian walk, and still be a beginner in other areas. That is not an indictment, but an acknowledgment of the different ways we grow. If we are still a beginner in our prayer life, God simply desires us to take the next step toward confidence in the power of prayer. God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is at work to help us make progress.

Margie Burger from Lord, Teach Us to Pray

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