Woodpecker Insanity

So Kelli and I were walking in our neighborhood this morning and I heard a strange “rat a tat tat” sound in the background.  A few minutes later we saw an unusually beautiful bird with a long, pointed beak.  Watching for a moment, I put it together- it was a woodpecker- on my block, no less!  Sadly, this bird has issues.

He (or she) spent just a moment exploring the tree, then flew to the top of the nearby light pole and perched on top of the fixture.  Then- you guessed it- he started trying to drill a hole in the metal light cover with his beak.  Interesting sound and all, but not an effective strategy for the poor bird.  Yep, this beautiful creature was literally beating its head against a wall (of metal).  Silly- and sad.

Ever feel like you’re doing the same thing? Stuck in the same place, hoping you’ll find the soft spot in the hardened steel- just this once?  I wanted to shout to the bird, “Hey buddy, try a different tree!  You’re made for something else!” (Wood, in case you were wondering)  And sometimes God is saying that to us, if we’re listening.  “Hey, that’s not what you were made for, that thing you keep beating your head against!  Try a different tree!”  We can learn to listen to that voice.  Hopefully.  Eventually.  Otherwise… learn to enjoy the headache.

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