Summer is…

How would you answer that? Of course most of us would start with: HOT! When the pool is too warm to cool you off anymore, it’s fully summer.

Summer is… Escape. When we can, however we can- a weekend or a week, San Diego, Flagstaff, or somewhere else. We find ways to get a break from the heat and a change of scenery.

Summer is… Different. Seems like much of the rest of the year we get into a flow, a rhythm of life. Weeks take on a predictable feel. But summer often throws a wrench into our rhythms, for better and for worse. For better: a break in the monotony is welcome, good for the soul. For worse: healthy practices like spending regular time with God, with others in community- these often get sidelined in this season.

But rather than just feeling guilty or promising ourselves to “do better” when normalcy hits, perhaps we can choose to think differently. Ecclesiastes tells us, “for everything here is a season.” maybe we can embrace the opportunity to connect with God and others differently in this season.

For example, try scheduling a “get-a-way with Jesus.” I know, sounds a little corny, but what if you put on your calendar a couple (maybe three?) hours with Jesus? You could: spend time reading Scripture, praying for others, reading a devotional book, taking a walk and noticing God’s creation. You could just sit quietly in God’s presence, listening for His still, small voice, letting Him remind you that you belong to Him. Go ahead- try it!

Or perhaps you could have someone (or some people) over. You don’t even need a reason or an agenda. Try this: take turns sharing stories of favorite (or worst) vacation memories. Talk about what your summers were like growing up. Share your dream vacation- whether you’ll ever take it or not! Just hang out and listen to each other’s stories.

Summer is here- and yep, the heat will be here for while yet. So instead of just enduring, let’s embrace- and see what God might do!

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