Further Thoughts from 9-11

Yesterday we spent some time remembering the events of 9-11, how they’ve affected us, and what a Christ-like response looks like.

We also talked about what we’re doing this Fall in Chrio. I told (re-told) the story of Chrio and spent a while talking about making space for others.  Just as God has made space for us in this community, I’m convinced that He desires us to make space for others- by extending hospitality, by inviting others into community, by getting connected into community ourselves, and by serving others.  I came up with an- admittedly quite cheesy -acrostic to keep this in front of us.  Here it is- Yep, it really spells HIGH!

Hospitality– Have someone over! Share a meal, dessert, coffee, etc. To be intentional, try planning for something once a week or every other week.

Invite– Pray about who God would prompt you to invite to Chrio on a Sunday am, perhaps to your small group, or to spend time with you and some of your friends. It’s OK to ask!

Group– Join a small group this Fall- it’s only an 8 week commitment! You can do this!

Help– Jump in and help somewhere- the set-up team, Harvest Festival, or a ministry team—just find where the needs are and lend a hand!

So which of those are you most drawn to?  Which of them are intimidating or seem hard?  What do you sense God inviting you towards?

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