On Making Space for God

Read this today- good ideas here:

ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to begin practicing solitude is to notice times when silence occurs naturally in our day. Even those of us who are incredibly busy have moments when we are alone, when nothing is happening. Usually we ignore these moments or find ways to fill them. Instead, we can appreciate these times and savor them. We can use these times to turn inward and attend to our feelings.

Time in the car offers an excellent example of a potential period of silence. Although we need to attend to our driving, this is a time when we can actually be both alone and quiet. Usually we fill this time with listening to music or talking on the phone. Next time you drive, try something different. Don’t turn on any gadgets. Tell God that you intend to use this time to pray, to just be quiet. Then see what happens. Watch the thoughts and feelings that arise.

Notice your own distractions. What is the state of your mind, your heart? Are you at peace? Are you angry, sad, confused? Have you thought about God yet that day? When you arrive at your destination, thank God for the time together, whatever has happened. Don’t berate yourself if you haven’t had a “good” experience. You can try again.

– Daniel Wolpert  Creating a Life with God

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One Response to On Making Space for God

  1. dboschma says:

    Good stuff Richard. Miss hearing you share and teach.

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