Two Thousand Words

A thousand words.Anita Commission 2

That’s what a picture is worth, right? What about TWO pictures? Two thousand, of course!

This well known line reminds us that what we see can make quite an impression on us; and this was certainly true on October 19th.

That’s the day we sent out yet another Anita Commissionmissionary from our church family, Anita Betancourt. Opposed to joining the ‘pack’ around Anita that morning while so many said ‘we’re with you in this,’  I decided to take in the view.

What did I see?

– A family of missionary servants.

– As the Father sent Jesus, so he sends you, Anita.

– Our hearts are with you.

– Young, Old, Hispanic, White, Women, Men…a diverse people uniting under the Mission of God.

– The church I love.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. So tell me, what do these pictures say when YOU look at them?

Joel Scott

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