Our Community: Meeting with Mesa Councilmember Chris Glover

This past spring I had the privilege of meeting with Councilmember Chris Glover, who leads district 4 in Mesa. He started off our meeting apologizing for wearing a Chicago Cubs jersey as he ‘had’ to attend opening day for spring training at Cubs Park in Mesa.

Was I jealous? Absolutely!

We were able to talk about a number of topics in our time together. What follows are the highlights.


What is your vision for district 4?

In a relaxed tone, Chris touched on the opportunities present as the light rail nears completion in downtown Mesa. He talked about:

  • Redeveloping vacant buildings: There’s a need for businesses and educational institutions to repurpose vacant spaces right here in Chrio’s backyard.
  • Pumping life into our public spaces: Chris has his eyes on renovations for Kleinman Park in the years ahead and dotting the area with smaller neighborhood parks in creative places like on the SE corner of University and Extension, where a utilities station now sits.
  • Caring for constituents: Chris was compassionate towards the broken in our district, especially veterans who are homeless and need services including job training and access to mental health resources.


What’s the most challenging thing about your position as a councilmember?

I can’t make everyone happy. No matter what decisions are made, there will always be someone who feels slighted or left out.


In your eyes, what should the church be doing in district 4?

Live as servants.

Ok…so Chris didn’t say those exact words, but close!

It’s always interesting to hear people outside our family talk about their hopes for the church. What type of people would be a breath of fresh air to them? In what ways could we live so that we would be good news to the Councilmember who is leading our area of Mesa?

Chris simply said, care for those around us. Invest in the lives of the residents within district 4.  That’s it.

From his perspective, this is what it would mean for us to function as a blessing in our city; to live out our identity as servants.


How can we pray for you?

I prefaced this question with, this might be a weird question for you to hear around here, but how can we pray for you?

Chris laughed and said, ‘we’ll take all the prayer we can get!’ Then he asked that we pray for wisdom and for his family.

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