Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings. That sounds like a cute thing that you teach children. It just seems noble, right?

But have you tried it?


Have you ever taken the time to record your blessings one by one by taking pen to paper? I think you’ll be surprised by what happens.

A small group of people within the Chrio family are going through a book called The Good and Beautiful God on Tuesdays at my house. For an entire week[1] we were challenged to spend time counting our blessings.

I came up with 150 this week. Some seem trivial (you really thanked God for pilot pens?) while others caused me to pause and think for a few minutes.

Without further ado…

  1. My marriage.
  2. The sun rise this morning.
  3. Good health
  4. Micah
  5. Our home
  6. A good pediatrics office that is working hard to help Micah with his acid reflux.
  7. Parents that are involved in our lives
  8. God’s patience
  9. Our friends
  10. Coffee
  11. Einstein’s Bagels (my wife put this one on the list!).
  12. Being used as I preach.
  13. That we both have steady jobs, we hope!
  14. Michael, my co-pastor.
  15. Scott, a faithful friend.
  16. Hiking
  17. Food
  18. Beer
  19. Still and quiet moments
  20. Patience
  21. Sex
  22. Laughing with the love of my life.
  23. Not doing yard work
  24. Having Mondays to decompress
  25. Sleep
  26. The Alma Gardens Community
  27. Brian, The principal at Pedro Guerrero Elementary School
  28. Ohio State Championships!
  29. Hoodies
  30. My iphone
  31. Tennis
  32. LA Fitness
  33. My wife’s unending support
  34. My mentor
  35. Older men in the Chrio family who I see model a life after God.
  36. Communion
  37. Singing unhindered to God.
  38. Stars
  39. The Spirit’s never-ending presence.
  40. Traveling to see new places
  41. Good books
  42. People finding Jesus for the first time.
  43. Our new car
  44. Seeing children get excited
  45. In-N-Out burger
  46. Chipotle
  47. Jesus (yes, it took to #47 for me to list Jesus. He’s still doing a lot of work in me!)
  48. God’s kindness
  49. The church
  50. Clean water
  51. My library to use
  52. Libronix and other study tools
  53. Naps!
  54. Sight
  55. Taste
  56. Chicken Wings
  57. Sour Skittles
  58. BBQ food
  59. Whiteboards
  60. The ability to hear
  61. Amazon prime 2 day shipping
  62. Eagerness/anticipation for something to happen
  63. Fresh cut grass
  64. Pizookies
  65. Snickers
  66. Reece’s
  67. Debit cards
  68. Dunkin Donuts 1.07 refills
  69. The wonder of our immune system (stole this from the book)
  70. When heaven meets earth
  71. Thanksgiving and Christmas
  72. Football
  73. Hearing people’s stories
  74. God’s word
  75. AC
  76. Cheese
  77. Cards and games
  78. The ability to call people who are far away on the phone.
  79. Generosity
  80. BBQ sauce
  81. A comfy chair
  82. When the printer has ink!
  83. Unexpected Volunteers
  84. Facebook to help me keep up with friends far away.
  85. New England
  86. Fall Colors
  87. Lakes, rivers & oceans
  88. Verses of scripture that make you stop and think
  89. Studying the life of Jesus and figuring out I will never stop being amazed by him.
  90. Spotify
  91. Music that lifts my heart to God.
  92. Good ideas
  93. Following through on good ideas!
  94. Not following through on others but enjoying that you had them nonetheless
  95. My Community Group
  96. The honest prayers of children
  97. Micah’s smile
  98. Pilot pens
  99. A working car
  100. Blue skies
  101. Wearing contacts while playing sports
  102. Keurig
  103. Being invited into people’s pain
  104. Seeing God’s grace reign down while I’m with them
  105. Aha moments
  106. The Surge Network
  107. Lincoln Christian University
  108. Preaching down at Florence Prison
  109. Podcasts
  110. A clean house
  111. Not caring when it’s dirty!
  112. Laughter
  113. Fresh air coming through the house
  114. Flip flops
  115. Shorts Weather
  116. Clean Teeth feeling
  117. The voice my wife makes while mocking me
  118. Change
  119. A clean e-mail inbox
  120. Freedom
  121. The United States
  122. Friends from other countries
  123. Swimming
  124. Rolling over to get more sleep
  125. Being understood
  126. Diversity
  127. Dairy Treat in Avon, Ohio
  128. My calling
  129. Chrio!
  130. A reliable car mechanic
  131. Lots of babies at Chrio
  132. Date nights
  133. Creativity
  134. Dr. Pepper
  135. Cornhole
  136. The wisdom of others
  137. Dogs
  138. The smell of rain
  139. Window wipers that work!
  140. God’s open door policy
  141. Hope
  142. Second chances
  143. The many undeserved changes beyond that-God is so forgiving
  144. Scientists who discover amazing things
  145. That we can’t know everything and the humility that it brings.
  146. Kindness
  147. Affirmation
  148. Contentment
  149. When things finally ‘click’ in sermon prep.
  150. The Missional Training Center

So there’s my 150. What’s yours?

[1] If you’re like me, you forget a couple of days, so I think I complied this over 2 or 3 sittings.

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One Response to Count Your Blessings

  1. Alice Melgoza says:

    I thank God for green lights – especially when I’m in a hurry!

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