Responding to the Election Results

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard the news that is taking the world by storm. Some are calling it the biggest political upset in modern history. On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States of America.

161108225000-01-split-reactions-1108-small-169Media coverage and social media reveal a deep and wide breadth of emotionally charged reactions. Some are filled with exuberant joy. To them Trump represents the shock our dying political system needs. This man gives politically incorrect, unfettered expression to a growing frustration many have with the corrupt and ineffective “establishment” of which Clinton was the personification. With this victory, they feel like their voice is finally being heard. It fills them with a sense of hope and, as the media coverage has shown, has brought many to tears.

Some are deeply concerned, even fearful. To them, it is a struggle to comprehend how a man who displays such morally flawed and narcissistic behavior, a man who has somehow managed to offend nearly every demographic without apology (including the leaders of and media outlet for his own party), a man whose rhetoric has sought to further polarize an already divided country – how this man could be elected to what is arguably the most powerful office in the world. It fills them with a sense of dismay, even despair, and as the media coverage has shown, has also brought many to tears.

So what about us? What kind of response should we as the community of Jesus followers have? Like the rest of the American population, Christians will undoubtedly experience a range of emotional reactions. But there is one concrete response that should be instinctive for us all, one response that should unite us, one response that should frame our perspective as we process this news with the rest of the nation and world. We should pray.

Please join us in this prayer:

Dear Sovereign and Gracious Lord,

Above all earthly powers and governments, You reign over our nation, the world, and all creation from Your throne in heaven. And that’s really good news.

We pray for Donald Trump. May the gospel of grace penetrate his heart and lead him toward repentance and faith. Please give him wisdom, humility, and a vision of justice and righteousness that reflects Your Own.

May the gospel of grace penetrate our hearts too and lead us toward continual repentance and faith.

As we experience joy or fear because we wrongly assume that having the “right person” or “right party” in the seat of political power will bring about the change our country and the world so desperately need, please forgive and remind us where the true hope of the world lies.

When our disdain for the political “other” keeps us from loving and praying for them, forgive and remind us of what You did for us while we were Your enemies.

In a cultural moment overshadowed by antagonisms and anxiety, help us to engage our neighbors with a posture of grace and peace that can only be explained by your life in us.

May Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done, in our country and the world as it is in heaven.

To You be all glory, honor, and praise.


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