A Profound Imprint: A Team Member Reflects on Her Experience in Njuruta, Kenya

new-desksIn the previous post, I explained Advent Conspiracy – how every year we challenge ourselves as a church family to prayerfully consider spending less and giving more. I described how this year we have the opportunity to provide desks for every student in Njuruta and why that’s such a significant need. I also asked you all to join us this year by helping us raise $5,000. This would purchase 80 desks for 160 students and would be a tremendous blessing to the community, especially the students.

To help paint a picture in your mind of who would directly benefit from these desks, here’s a brief reflection from Karen Lay, one of the members from Chrio’s team that went to Njuruta, Kenya this summer. The seventh and eighth grade girls she mentions are but a small sample of the many inspiring students in need of desks. Enjoy!

This morning as I met for coffee with a friend, I found it hard to express the profound imprint that the people of Njuruta have left on my heart. Yes, it was a blessing to watch Rachel and Lauren be enveloped in this community that they have grown up hearing about. And, it was amazing to see Preston embrace this culture and community and kids as he ran across the field or lifted children in simultaneous bicep curls. And, any heart would be moved by the dedication and love that the Food for the Hungry staff has for marginalized people and for doing God’s work. All of this was true, but for me personally, my heart was so drawn and captured by the seventh and eighth grade girls. These girls shared their burdens in a small group that Food for the Hungry facilitated. Rachel, Lauren, and I were just small participants, more like observers. Their struggles and burdens are so heavy, so overwhelming, yet they have so much hope and so much trust in God. The struggles are real and daunting, yet they faced them. img_5858One day, I was teaching in their classroom, not because I was scheduled, but because no one else was there to teach, so they asked me to teach. It was hours and hours of teaching. They just kept asking for more. They were worried about an upcoming exam in November which will place them in secondary school, and the exam is in English, so they just wanted me to teach as much as I could. At the end, they kept telling me that I would forget them, and I tried to assure them that I will never forget them, that they have made an imprint on my heart. The community of Njuruta is a hard-working, enduring community that has little but uses that little to do much. Thank you for your partnership and participation in Chrio’s relationship with these amazing people.karen-and-girls

Karen Lay

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