On Prayer: Waiting Five Years For The Answer I Wanted

Five years.

Yes, five years.

When the Chrio family invited me to be their Pastor just over five years ago I began praying that God would develop relationships between our church family and the families that attend Pedro Guerrero Elementary School, where we gather on Sundays.

Seems like a simple prayer, right?

Father, draw our church family close to families that bring their children here for school.

Now don’t misunderstand me. There have been countless times when people in the Chrio family have shared space, conversations and laughter with families at Guerrero.

  • Every Thursday for three years both Guerrero families and Chrio servants descended on the gym to pack food through Blessings in a Backpack so every child at Guerrero would have some food on the weekends.
  • We’ve hosted basketball and soccer clinics for students.
  • Science Night, Dr. Seuss Night and Fiesta de Mayo have been annual service events for the past five years (in fact Dr. Seuss Night is Thursday…you should come!)

While each of these events was beautiful they were not like this.

For the past three weeks a group of women from Chrio have been teaching English to a group of families from Guerrero. Now all parties know each other’s names. They know what each other do for work. They know how long each has been associated with Guerrero—whether it be because of education or because of church attendance.

This isn’t a ‘kind acknowledgment’ level of relationship. It’s deeper.

This is what happens when you sit across the table from someone. You get to know them. You begin to want God’s best for them.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal as you read this. But it’s been a five year prayer of mine—for Chrio family members to be in week-in-week-out relationship with families at Guerrero.

Do you have five year…or fifteen…or fifty year prayers that you just keep lifting up to our Father?

Maybe sometimes you’ve prayed it only because you’ve been praying it for such a long time. Maybe you’ve had this nagging thought, is it time to STOP saying this prayer?

I’m not sure if you should keep saying any particular prayer or not, although I would love to talk to you about your prayers!) What I do know is that God recently answered a five year prayer in a new and fresh way.

I’m writing today to tell you he does these kinds of things.

Because He is God.

Because He is good.

Because He hears prayers.

And sometimes, after five years, he surprises you with the answer you’ve been wanting but wasn’t sure you’d ever get.


Joel Scott

Pastor / Chrio Communities


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